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What are the different types of bets BetDSI offers?

DSI offers the widest variety of wager types and propositions including:

  • Sides, totals, parlays, teasers, if-bets, reverses, futures, money lines, buying points and more
  • NFL Wagering: 1st & 2nd Halfs, Quarter lines, team totals, special teasers, propositions
  • NBA: 1st & 2nd Halfs, Quarter lines, team totals, special teasers, propositions
  • NHL: Canadian line, puck line, money lines, period lines, grand salami, and more.
  • MLB: 1st & 2nd Halfs, run lines, 2½ run lines, alternative run lines, propositions – total hits, runs & errors, team strike out match-ups, team to hit more home runs, team to score first, will there be a score in the 1st inning?, individual team totals
  • NCAA: 1st & 2nd Halfs, quarter lines, team totals, propositions
  • Golf: pick the winner, match-ups, stroke lines, tournament propositions
  • Boxing: money lines, over or under, pick the round, decision propositions
  • Tennis: individual odds to win, match-up odds
  • Nascar: pick the winner, match-ups, top three, future bets, propositions
  • Horses: win/place/show, daily doubles, exactas, house Q’s, propositions
Which sports can I bet on?

DSI offers sports betting and online wagering on all major sporting events, including Pro Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, NASCAR, golf, horse racing, boxing, rugby, Formula 1 racing, and much more. We also offer wagering on Politics, Academy Awards, Grammys, Reality TV, and more. For a complete listing of what sports are currently available for wagering, see our live betting lines.

How do I place a bet?

You may place a wager either online or over the phone using your BetDSI username and password.

What is the minimum and maximum wagers allowed?
  • The minimum wager is $5 online, and $100 over the phone.
  • The maximum wager is up to $20,000 online, and $20,000 over the phone. (or currency equivalent)
  • Higher limits may be granted upon request.
If I make a betting error, can it be reversed or refunded?

No wagers can be cancelled once a caller confirms them and the call is concluded. If a client wants to cancel a confirmed wager, he/she can place a wager on the opposite side of the play, event or game.

How do I find out if I have won the bet I placed?

All sport wagers are graded immediately after completion of the match. You may check you History online to see the results or check your account balance.

How do I collect my winnings?

Payouts are processed Mon-Fri, 9-5pm EST. Simply email cos@betdsi.com to request your payout. For a complete listing of the methods you can use to receive your winnings, please visit Cashier Withdrawals for all your withdrawal methods and amounts.

Due to changes in Visa and Mastercard policies, DSI may be unable to return funds back to your credit card. Also in the event a credit card was used to deposit funds into your account. You will be required to send documentation for each individual card used, prior to requesting a payout.

If I place a parlay and a selection is a push, what is the outcome?

A push in any parlay reverts the parlay down to the next lower level. i.e. a 2 team parlay reverts to a straight bet.

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